If you are in need of pet food or supplies, or know someone in need, you can contact
America's Hometown Pets in Need.

America's Hometown Pets in Need is a Plymouth, MA companion pet food bank for our neighbors who need our assistance feeding their pets. Currently serving the food pantries at The Second Church of Plymouth, St. Bonaventure’s in Manomet, and The Plymouth Center for Active living meals on wheels program. In addition, Volunteers will pick up donations and deliver them to members of our community who cannot meet at a public location. Current business drop off Locations are Re/Max, 181 Court St. Plymouth; Best Pet Salon, 739 State Rd., Manomet; The Market (At The Pinehills); and Just Around the Corner Inc., 2277 State Rd, Suite K3, Cedarville. America's Hometown Pets in Need can meet to pick up donations, or they can be made online or by phone via Barnstable Farm & Pet, Pet Smart, and Amazon. If you are in need or if you would like more information please email Petsof02360@gmail.com, or call Barbara Whiting #508-737-6369 or Michelle Koppang #774-406-1976 As always please consider donating to your local food bank or shelter.   
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Call: (508) 591-3190

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