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Plymouth Helping Hands for Animals (originally named Helping Hands for the Plymouth Animal Shelter, Inc.) is a 501c3, all volunteer organization that was originally founded in 2008 to provide veterinary care for the animals at the Town Shelter beyond the Town's budget.

As the population of Plymouth continued to grow over the years, so has the number of homeless and stray animals that have been found by the Town's Animal Control Officers (ACOs). Most of these animals need medical attention. In addition, many animals that arrive at the shelter are not spayed or neutered  Some animals arrive sick or injured and are in need of costly emergency medical care. The Town allocates only a small budget for medical expenses. This is where Helping Hands originally came into play. 


Today, in 2020, we find ourselves broadening our mission, expanding our outreach, and revitalizing our organization and efforts. We even have a new name: Plymouth Helping Hands for Animals. As we continue to grow as a group, we realize we have the potential and capability to support animals in need in the Town of Plymouth and surrounding towns on the South Shore. Throughout the year we plan fundraising events and participate in outreach opportunities to spread the word about our work. We are a non-profit, all-volunteer organization that relies solely on monetary donations and In-Kind contributions to help the animals in our local area. With your support, we will continue our mission to help those without a voice: the animals. 

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Call: (508) 591-3190

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