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The Town of Plymouth requires all volunteers to fill out a Cori Form for background screening. As a foster home for one of our dogs or cats is a volunteer position this would be required along with our below application(either download application and mail to address below or complete the form below). If you are interested in only adopting you just need to fill out form below and submit.

Becoming a foster is easy, you provide the dog or cat with love, nourishment and care while Plymouth Animal Shelter pays for all the necessary vetting.

Click here to download Adoption/Foster Application and mail to:
Plymouth Animal Shelter
2199 State Road
Plymouth, MA 02360

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Home Environment: We want to make sure that the dog you're interested in is a good fit for your home environment. Some dogs thrive in a high-energy home, while others need something a bit more quiet. Some dogs need a large, fenced yard, while others would do great with just a few short walks. Who do you live with?

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